Mystic tan splotching issue

Question: I've been using the mystic tan for a little while now. I have fair skin and I've noticed when I workout and sweat that the coloring comes off, especially on certain areas of my body...for instains: the inside area of my elbows, my bikini line and some on my stomach. What is the deal with this??? I don't want to use the tanning bed because I am sooo fear, but it doesn't seem that I can use the mystic tan either?!?! Please help!

Answer: The answer and remedy for this are very simple.
First of all the tan comes off in places where you sweat and rub the most. Sweat is acidic, so it takes the tan right off. It happens with everybody that works out.

The way to take care of it is to rub in a little tanning cream (the type that builds the tan up slowly) onto the white areas. It is best to do it after the shower following your work out.

That way the white areas will blend in with the reat of the body and you can avoid the tanning beds.

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