My wrists turn orange after spray tan!!

by Naomi
(Dallas Texas America)

Question: When I go spray tanning, why do my wrists look orange, my arm looks tan, then my hands look uneven??!!

Answer: That is exactly what happens to me, only not on my wrists, but on my ankles.

The the most probable cause is that you have drier skin on your hands and wrists than some other people that do not have this problem.

I found that a lot of hairdressers that come in contact with chemicals all day show the same results. I don't suppose you are a hairdresser?

The way around it is:

Make sure that before you go for your tan you exfoliate your wrists and hands extra carefully, and do not wear any hand crem or moisturizer.

Depending on how you spray tan - if in a booth, make sure you put a small amount of barrier cream on your wrists before you hop into a booth. If you have a technician spray tanning you, ask for those areas to be spray tanned only very lightly.

Because the problem is in your skin, you will have to learn how to work with it if you want to have flawless tan. Buy some products like tan extending crem or lotion that builds your tan slowly, as well as spray tan repairing lotion. When your hands go patchy, you might have to take a cue tip every day or two, and "paint in" the white patches. Or, it might be enough to every morning just rub in a small amount of tan extending cream into tops of your hands and/or wrists as they need it and keep the tan even.

Just experiment a little and you will soon learn how your skin reacts.

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