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Question: Hi i got my spray tan today at about 6pm it was a realy dark golden color my skin is naturally an olive coulor i tan realy quick. And it was very dark after they applied it. But about 3 hours lata i noticed it wasnt as dark im still tanned but not like i was s8 after is this normal or should i be worrieed ? iv booked weekly sessions now do i need to expoliate a day befor my next session

Answer: When the spray tan is applied it consists basically of two parts: DHA solution which is a clear liquid and contains the chemical which reacts with the dead layer of your skin turning it brown.

Second part is the bronzer. Bronzer's only function is to give spray tanning technician visual guide for them to see where they sprayed and where they still need to spray. Without it they could spray some places too much and others not enough and you would look patchy.

Bronzer also gives you immediate gratification of having a "tan".

So, if you have a shower, the bronzer will wash off and so you will look a lot lighter, but also a lot more natural.
Usually you get quite a lot darker as the tanning process progresses (before you shower) to the point of looking quite scary/orange if it is a really dark tan.

So, either some of the bronzer has rubbed off in some places and so it appears lighter than before, or possibly the solution that you got sprayed with was a bit stale and your skin is not developing a tan underneath the bronzer.

You will get your answer after you have your first shower. If you have gone back to the skin color before your spray tan, than you should complain to the salon. If, however you finish up getting a tan - all is well.

Before you go for your next session - yes, you must exfoliate as the dead skin buildup could result in a patchy spray tan.

If you plan to spray tan regularly, I would highly recommend supplying yourself with Baiden Mitten. That way not only will your tans be much more even, but you can keep it usually for 10-14 days. It saved me heaps of money.

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