My spray tan looks very pale ive had it on for 1 hour and 45 mins

by michaela

Question: ive had my spray tan this morning and its only been on for 1hour and 45 mins will it develop and become darker or still stay quite pale Helppp proms tomorrow xx

Answer: Some spray tans take up to 24 hours to develop fully, so be patient. Also, because they develop so evenly that some people do not realize that they are few shades darker, especially because you tend to look at yourself every few minutes in the mirror and don't notice the gradual change.

If you wore panties for spray tanning, then you would easily see tan lines, but if you didn't than it is difficult to find a spot on your body that could show you how dark you are in comparison to what you were before.

When it comes to shade - less is often more for the prom. You just want a glow so that people notice your dress, hair and make up and not remember you for extreme spray tan.

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