my calfs wont tan

by kim
(east sussex)

Question: i have recently started getting spray tans because of the fact that i am a red head and got bored of getting sun burnt and just hoping for the slightest change in colour. The spray tan works great on my back arm chest ect but it never seems to do my shins and calfs? i asked the woman in the shop and she suggested i used exfoliating gloves on my calfs aswell as knees ect i tried that and still no joy. please give me a clue of what else i can try to get this to work, i feel much more confident with a touch of colour. Thanks.

Answer: I am afraid that I might not have good news. Some people have areas of the body that just do not accept spray tan. It is very frustrating, but that has to do with your skin. Sometimes switching to different spray tanning solution does work, but rarely.

The way to get around it is depending on how bad the problem is.
If it is the case that your calfs do tan a little, but the tan comes off really quickly then get a supply of self tanner and redo your calfs as needed to bring your calfs to the same color as the rest of the body.

If the problem is more severe and your calfs don't tan at all, than the only way is to camouflage it with bronzer or make up.
Appropriate color of foundation does the trick as does mineral makeup, which is particularly good if you are expecting to swim (since it does not come off in the water).

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