What vital step is absolutely necessary when mature skin tanning?

mature skin tan Mature skin tanning (of the spray tan variety) can produce fantastic results (I should know, I am over 50, and get great results every time now). It has not always been that way, and it took me few disasters to perfect the method.

Little extra effort, huge benefits.

Have you heard the saying “When you are 50, you need twice the money and effort to look half as good as a 20 year old”? I don’t know about money, but you certainly need more effort to get THE BEST results when mature skin tanning. However, having a tan can be even more gratifying than those of a 20 year old. If in doubt,see my before and after spray tanning pictures. The difference is HUGE.

Simply speaking, before spray tanning, mature skin needs a bigger dose of exfoliating. Why? Because the texture of a mature skin is different. Generally, we have many more “dry bits” than younger skin.

First time I spray tanned, I discovered lots and lots of them. Especially on my arms and legs, the so called “sun spots”. Sometimes you can feel them as dryer, scaly bits when you run your fingers gently over your skin, sometimes they appear like big freckles. And sometimes, you can't see them at all, unless you tan (by ANY method).

Have a look how sun exposure ages the skin.

If you don’t do a good job exfoliating before your tan, you might find that those bits (as well as your elbows and knees) will absorb lots more solution, and will come out much darker. It can look like you are in last stages of chicken pox, especially once the tan starts wearing off, and the dry bits stay intensely brown.

If you exfoliate your body regularly, it won’t be THAT bad, but you can ensure that this is not a problem at all.

What is the best way to exfoliate before mature skin tanning?

Let me tell you a way that has worked incredibly well for me. I have discovered this method only recently and the result have been nothing short of spectacular.

To have the best exfoliating experience ever, you need a little tool that is called Baiden Mitten.

Since I have started using this product all (and I mean ALL) dry bits, inluding my elbows which had calluses on them, have become softer than the babies bottom.

In fact, my skin is now in a better shape than 10 years ago. Needless to say, that my tans go on incredibly even and last for a very long time.

The great thing about mature skin tanning is, that you CAN look 10 years younger with a light tan (don’t ever take the dark one-THAT ONE will make you look older!).

Your tan will even out any imperfections and blotches, hide dark circles under your eyes, and will give your skin a healthy glow, hide your broken capillary veins, minimize appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins. It will also accentuate your features and make you look slimmer.

When it comes to mature skin, very few products can make as dramatic change to its appearance as a spray tan.

More hints and tips.

Use Baiden Mitten for before mature skin tanning.

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