Lotion before Spray Tanning???

by Hannah

Question: Am I supposed to put lotion on my feet, elbows, knees, and hands right before i spray tan? Do i put it on top of my hands also? I also thought that lotion blocks the tan from going on your skin so wouldnt it make the tan not even in those areas?

Answer: The reason you put lotion on your elbows,feet and knees is because the skin is dryer in those places, so absorbs more DHA. That would make it darker than the rest of the skin.

If you use only a small amount and blend it in well it will create a barrier, and less solution will get through but will not make it look unnatural.

Some people have drier hands or ankles and it is a good idea to also moisturize those lightly to avoid dark patches.

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Dec 07, 2010
moisturiser before spray tan
by: ieva(ireland)

Question when i did spray tanning course i've been told not to use any cream before spray tan as it will get reaction with the product and go green???

Answer: Yes, using crem before spray tanning (or deodorant or make up) can sometimes react with the solution and change color.
I have seen myself green armpits on a client - I have never again forgot to ask if they had deodorant on (and to wipe it with a wet towelette if they did).
It does not happen very often, but it is not nice if it does.

However -Barrier cream that you use on feet, knees and elbows is a moisturizing cream that has been especially developed for the spray tanning industry and will not turn anybody green, just stop excess of the solution from getting absorbed into the dry parts of your body and turning them too dark.

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