itchy skin after spray tan

by Lorraine

Question: If you had a reaction to one spray tan and not to another, does this mean that there was something different in the ingredients.
Im just about to go mobile with my spray tan business and had a reaction to the 2nd spray tan from another supplier ( itchy skin on chest/insides of arms/legs )
would this happen if too much solution was applied to my skin?,noticed it had the same smell as the self tanning lotion dove which i use to use, also getting a reaction from using it.
As this is my business i can't go to clients (WHITE!!!!) help!!!!!!

Answer: This is exactly the reaction that I developed after YEARS of spray tanning with the same spray tanning solution in my own salon. Suddendly, I could not use this solution any more. It seems that with some ingredients the reaction develops after enough of this stuff accumulates in your body?
I was totally devastated, because you DO look stupid when you work in a spray tanning salon looking like Snow White.
After I developed the allergy, I tried couple of different products, but the result was the same, and I was at a loss of what to do until one girl from another salon told me about Safe Tan. I have been now using it for couple of years without any side effects and I have also noticed that I can now spray tan occasionally with the exact same solution that gave me grief before and I don't get itchy any more.
So, it seems that the allergy causing ingredient might accumulate in your body if you spray tan regularly, but it also will get out of your body if you will give it a bit of a rest.

Have a look at Safe Tan here.

If you have a reaction to one spray tanning solution but not the other, than it is definitely one of the ingredients that you are allergic too. Read the label and jot down the ingredients that are different between solutions. One of them is the culprit.

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