by Dana
(Woodbridge, NJ, USA)

Question: After I do any kind of major exfoliation, I itch like CRAZY afterward, no matter how much or how little lotion I put on. It's usually as I'm drying, and seems like no amount of lotion or scratching makes it go away, does this happen after using Baiden? Also, is this something that normally would to you happen after a major exfoliation? I mean, if that doesn't happen to you normally, does it happen with the Baiden?

Answer: Hmm, I have not heard of this before, so I have no idea why you get that after exfoliation. I have no idea if that would happen after Baiden or not.

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by: Rake

Well, I better suggest that you try some other lotion. It would be better if you consult with a skin specialist before choosing one yourselves. And try to use some good brands that are widely approved and is approved by the health department.

Itching also
by: Anonymous

I'm a firm believer in exfoliating to keep skin young as I preach it to my skin care guests all the time. However,I get very itchy with a loofah to the point that it is so uncomfortable I do not do it. The friction does stimulate circulation to the area and more blood flow can cause itching which enhances all functions of the skin. Maybe after repeated use it will not itch so much. I should try it myself.

Boshena's comment: I used to get itchy when getting a massage and my massour said that it only happens when toxins are accumulated in that place. True enough when I started to get regular body work sessions the itchiness went away. Since I started using Baiden Mitten, my skin is not sensitive in any way, and that includes itching.

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