Is Nudity while spray tanning OK?

(Palmdale, CA)

Question: I have never used an automatic tanning booth before, so to make sure my tan looks good I am thinking of doing spray-on by an employee. However I want an all-over tan, so I am OK with being nude (while keeping my genitals covered, since I don't want to be sprayed there anyway). Is this acceptable to most salons or only OK with a same-gender tech or not allowed at all?

Answer: I am not sure what you mean? Spray tan in a booth with employee giving you instructions, or airbrush tan?
If you are talking about airbrush tan that a technician will administer, all the salons (as far as I know) supply you with a thong (g-string in Australia), so no worries there. Going topless is the norm, and I have not ever came across a technician that would as much as blink an eyelid at the sight of bare boobs.

If you are talking about asking a staff member to come with you to the room where spray tan booth is, they will, than they will give you instructions and leave you there by yourself to undress and spray tan.
Having them in the room with you serves no purpose, since almost all spray tan booths have doors and the noise is quite loud when spray tanning starts, so they would not be of any help anyway.
You can tan in whatever you want or in the nude - as most people do.
In most salons they will have posters with instructions on the walls in the room, and you can ask the staff to practice with you till you feel comfortable that you can do it right.

Do not worry too much, the positions are very simple and it's really difficult to do anything wrong.
Make sure you take photo of before and after, send them to me, and I will put them up on my website, so you always will have a reminder of your very first spray tan :)

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