is it safe to spray tan while pregnant?

Answer: Theoretically it is safe to spray tan while pregnant, since DHA in spray tanning solution has been shown not to have any toxic properties.

The thing that I don't like however is that besides DHA in spray tanning solutions there are many other ingredients which are nowhwere as safe.

Every company that produces spray tanning solution (and self tanning products) ads different ingredients, so you never know what you are getting.

Only about 11% of all cosmetic ingredients (not just in spray tanning solutions) have been FDA approved, so the chance of getting something nasty on your skin that could potentially harm your baby are pretty high.

For that reason I definitely DO NOT recommend spray tanning during pregnancy, ESPECIALLY in the first trimester.

If you want to be brown, you can use a self tanner like Safe Tan, which has ONLY safe, proven ingredients.

It will require a little bit of work to apply it yourself (or with some help), but you can rest easy that you are not endengering your baby.

You can find more info on Safe Tan at this link:

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