Is it safe to get a tattoo done after getting a spray tan?

by Christy

Question: I am going out of town for a special occasion and I want to get a spray tan because I don't have time to build one. While I am out of town I have plans with friends to get tattoos done and I want to know if it is safe to have a tattoo done over the sprayed on tan or because of all of the different chemicals should I wait until my spray tan is gone?

Answer Theoretically it should not be a problem if you get a tatoo after you have a spray tan and at least one shower to wash off all the chemicals. It is only a dead layer of your skin that gets affected by spray tanning, not your living tissue.
However, if I was getting a tatoo I would definitely want one done on the palest skin possible, as then the tatoo artist (I think that is what they are called) would have to do a really good job with detailing. On darker skin some imperfections might not be so visible.
Since you will be keeping the tatoo for a very long time I think it is smart to give it every chance to come out perfect for the times when you do not have a spray tan on.

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