Is it bad to get a spray tan a day before prom?

by Meredith

Question: My prom is Saturday and I have an appointment for a spray tan Friday at Four. Is that an okay time to get one one or should get an earlier appointment for Thursday?

Answer: It is OK to have it on Friday, it should be great, althought if the solution that you spray tan with contains erithrulose then your tan will be at it's best 48 hours after spray tanning, which means exactly 2 days after spray tanning because it takes 2 whole days for that type of tan to develop.

If you have it on Friday, you still have a whole day on Saturday to touch it up or scrub excess just in case something goes wrong.

I would imagine that the person that you booked with knows that when you are having your prom and can advise you when would be the best time to spray tan with the spray tanning solution that she uses...

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