IPL Viss review – what to look for in a permanent hair removal device for home use.

I have decided to do an IPL Viss machine review after I had numerous comments from my readers about the hustle with having to shave or wax before spray tanning.

I thought – what if you did not have to shave or wax? That would be really great.

So, I did some research and it seemed that IPL Viss machine fitted the bill.

On the market, there are few different IPL permanent hair removal machines for home use. I did not really know what I was looking for when it comes to a permanent hair removing device so I visited some websites and asked few questions of different companies. Viss was the only one that was prompt, courteous and gave me exhausting answers, not just one liners. (Later I found out that it was not the only thing that set them apart.)

When I recommend something, I like to know that my readers will not be left just to fend for themselves when things go wrong. I like good service. IPL Viss Anyway, I ordered the machine and it arrived promptly. Very good start. It was a bit pricey, but I was already contemplating getting permanent hair removal done. I worked out that if the machine worked as it was supposed to, I would not only save a lot of money, but also do places on my body that I was not prepared to spend money on in the salon.

To be absolutely sure, I asked the IPL Viss company if they really stood behind their product, because I WAS going to post a review of the machine on my site, and if it the machine was a dud then it could damage their reputation(a LOT of people visit my site). They said – go ahead, we are comfortable with whatever you write.

"Well" – I thought -"in that case there might be a possibility that the machine actually works and I will not just sink my money".

I have never had permanent hair removal done, so I sort of did not know what to expect. It took a bit of fiddling and I DID have to read the instructions to work out how to use it, but there was not very much reading and the instructions were very straightforward. It seemed that being a white person with dark hair I was a perfect candidate to get good results.

At the beginning it took a little getting used to the device and how it works. I shaved my legs and happily flashed the light randomly over them. Then, I realized that I did not know which parts I did, and which I didn't. However, by the time I did the second leg, I worked out a system – do each section at a time methodically. It worked out great. It took me one hour to do my legs, and by that stage I had enough.

On the second day I did my bikini line and arms and on the third – underarms and my hairline on my neck.

My expectation was that this small IPL Viss device would be much weaker than the huge and bulky salon machines. I thought that I would have to repeat the procedure few times before I would get good results.

However, IPL Viss has exceeded my expectations.

The hair on my arms two months later are just starting to grow back. They are not hair any more, just very fine fluf. You can only see them while looking up to the light, otherwise they are invisible. I don't think I will bother redoing them any more, they are sort of cute :-)

My bikini line – well, what can I say. The hair there was quite thick and I hardly ever waxed them because I hated the skin irritations when the hair would start growing back.

To this day I only repeated the procedure once with IPL Viss, more as a prevention rather than to remove any more hair, because they practically never grew back. It is now almost 2 months since I started on them, and there is hardly anything showing.On the legs and under arms there are small patches of hair appearing, but they look about 1/3 of thickness they were before. I am treating them as they show. Not even shaving them, just zapping them when they start growing. They usually fall out after about a week.

What I like about IPL Viss:

1)I like the idea of a larger handle. Having spent few hours treating my legs and other body parts I hate to think how much time I would have to spend if I used one of those devices on the market which have only a very small lamp. That would take AGES and I would most likely give up. They might be good for the face, but that is all. I have experimented a bit and found it quite easy to maneuver the IPL Viss's handle around the face anyway, so no problems there.

2)I like the idea that the lamps are disposable. They last about 3000 flashes, which is a lot and might be enough for you, but how much would it suck if you ALMOST killed off all your hair but would run out of the flashes before you finished the job?

I would be really put off by that if I had to buy a whole machine just to get rid of few stubborn hair. I much prefer to just buy a new lamp, which is much cheaper.

Also you can get another lamp for your family member, or a friend and get a lot more use out of the machine (and share the cost). With the other machines on the market what do you do with them when the life of the lamp ends? Throw it out and buy another expensive machine? What a waste.

3)I like the service, they definitely look after their customers.

4)Most of all, I love the fact that the results show so quickly. Even after the first treatment the hair grows so slowly and so fine that my shaving sessions are at most once every 2 weeks not every second day as before.

Any negatives? Well, in a perfect world the price would be cheaper, however, I would rather get a good machine and pay a little bit more than a crappy one cheap. So, cannot really complain there as I have saved myself thousands of dollars. Apart from that I cannot really think about a bad thing to say about it.

So, when it comes to IPL Viss, I am happy to report that it has passed the test with flying colors and I am very happy to recommend it to any one of you who wants to get rid of your body hair permanently. It is definitely an investment and worth the money spent on it. I'd like to spread the word about it because then I will possibly get less questions “should I shave before or after spray tanning” LOL.

Learn More About IPL VISS here.

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