Miracle Instant Facelift with New Technology.

- loose your droopy eyelids and double chin in half an hour...

I have tried many Instant Facelift creams and potions and I can tell you with outmost certainty that they absolutely DO NOT work. At the very best they can give you some light skin tightening which wears out after couple of hours and you are back to drooping eyelids and saggy cheeks.

I am not one of those women who craves to look years younger or wants to attract younger men. I am very happy with my age and my dear old husband. The reason I looked at all those Instant Facelift products in the first place is because I want to look good for myself. It is important for me to look in the mirror every morning and see the person that I feel - vibrant, happy and powerful.

Instead I have noticed that over the years I was beginning to look tired, worn out and helpless. Bad, bad look. I never resigned myself to looking that way. I am not the type to put myself in the situation that people will start patronizing me. That is why I started to look more closely at cosmetic surgery procedures. I looked at Botox - but then discovered that it involves injecting poisons into my body. That was the end of this idea - why would anyone want to do it is beyond me, but then I never understood people that smoke either.

Facelift surgery? I was not hot on getting cut up.I like my body too much to let surgeon carve it up to make me look like someone I am not. I just wanted to be me, just look fresher and more alert.

I accidently stumbled upon Dr. Fassi when I was looking for a natural therapy practitioner. What cought my eye was a word that I was not familiar with - Bioplasty.

I did a bit more research and found what I believe to be a treasure chest - non surgical procedures that have as much effect as surgical ones AND for much lower cost!

It turns out that you CAN have an Instant Facelift with a special type of laser that will not only give you instant results, but result that will stay with you for years.And the amazing thing is - I used to spend that amount of money on the stupid creams anyway with nowhere near as much satisfaction.

Here is my experience:

I went to Dr Fassi with my Mum and we had a real in depth consultation where few different scenarios were shown to us. For my Mum Dr Fassi would not even consider any other option except fraxional laser.

I have heard of this procedure and knew it costs a bit, but Dr Fassi has really unheard of low prices and is a pioneer in making those procedures affordable to most people.

We took him up on the offer and you can read about my Mum's experience with the fraxional laser here. When I went to see Dr Fassi, I had my heart set on IPL procedure to get rid of some of my discoloration and sun damage spots.Dr Fassi could have easily given me what I wanted, but instead he convinced me that the laser procedure that performes Instant Facelift would give me much better overall effect. I wasn't that convinced at the beginning but when he assured me that he can even lift my eyelids - I was sold. I did not think that any non surgical procedure can do anything with eyelids but Dr Fassi is not an ordinary doctor. He has actually invented the eyelid tightening procedure and designed the laser head to carry it out.

What are the results? Dr Fassi tightened up one half of my face and than took this photo:


The side on YOUR right is Before Instant Facelift, and the side on YOUR left is the effect after. Notice how much more open my eye is, how the cheek is not droopy any more and the line on the side of my mouth is practically gone. Also the contour of my face is much slimmer.

I have always looked at before and after photos wanting to see extreme results, but I found out that I was looking for a wrong thing!The results are not that extreme, but extremely profound.

You still look like your yourself, just a lot fresher, as if you just came back from holidays

That is what a good face lift is. Just like a great spray tan in fact. When you have a great spray tan people do not ask you - "Did you just get a spray tan?" but rather "You are glowing - are you in love? (or pregnant if you happen to be married)"Same with this instant face lift procedure. People do not ask "Did you just have some work done?" but "Gee, you look happy and relaxed today".

Although on me at least, the effect IS huge. To show you what I mean I have cut my photo down in the middle and did a mirror reflection of my face, so you can see what I (sort of) looked like before and after the procedure. In the process I discovered how different are both sides of my face. I do not think that I look like any of those chicks below, but it shows you exactly how more awake I look now.

Before facelift

This actually is pretty much how I looked like before instant facelift. It looked even worse in the mornings when my face relaxed during sleeping. It always took some time, and application of "Miracle potions" to get it looking less tired. I am not missing it at all. Notice how square my jaw line is.

After facelift

For some reason I look a bit cross eyed here, bus still you can see that the oval of my face has changed a lot. My chin is pointier now and my double chin has halved after just one treatment. I just look sharper I think.

I don't have hooded eyes any more and my mouth does not curve down at the corners. Also my cheeks are higher which I am extremely happy about.
I used to pose in the mirror in the morning to find my best angle to convince myself I did not look too bad. Now any angle is as good as my best angle used to be :-)

This was only my first instant facelift. Dr Fassi says that 2 or 3 should be enough for me to make me look "brand new".

However, I am not in a great hurry to go "all the way". I like my lived - in face and now that it looks much fresher I like it even better. I recommend Bioplasty if you are not after extreme results, just would like to freshen up.

Extreme facelift with Fraxional Laser.

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