IM really young but im getting a spray tan

by Leah

Question: Me and my friends want to be tan for upcoming cheer leading season I am only 12 should I get a spray tan or is it bad for my skin?
I have really sensitive skin and its fair!

Answer You are definitely thinking right. Getting tanned any other way would be very harmful for a young skin. It is good that you are mature enough to realize that sun or solarium exposure could have very bad effect on your skin.

The only problem that I see, is that if you are hoping to be tan the entire season, it can get very expensive. Spray tan only lasts for about 5-7 days, and then you have to get another one.

I would suggest that you and your friends experiment with some self tanning products. Maybe your parents or sisters already have some that you could try out?

First of experiment with products that build the tan up gradually and don't try them first time if you have an important occasion the next day. It might not turn out the way you would like it to.

If your parents are concerned about potentially harmful chemicals in self tanners, there is a very natural self tanner, which doesn't have anything dangerous in it and is very easy to apply.

Although a bit expensive initially , it lasts for a long time and gives an absolutely beautiful tan.
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