if i wash my face everyday will this cause the tan to fade faster on my face then the rest of my body?

Question: I have never gone spray tanning before but i know it is much healiter then using the beds, but i was concerned if once i have had the spray tan applied if washing my face daily will cause it to fade faster there then on the rest of my body. I also shave usually every 2 to 3 days, so will this cause an uneven tan?

Answer: Yes, washing your face often will make the tan fade quicker. So will shaving your legs.
You can get around it by moisturizing with a tan extender which is a cream or lotion that has some DHA solution added to it and builds up the tan slowly.

If you moisturize with it every evening, you will give your tan a boost and repair any minor damage. Just make sure that you only use a little and scrub your hands well after using, otherwise you will finish up with tan palms.

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