If i go back for the 2nd spray the next day when should i shower before or the next morning?

by Eva'Jael
(Springfield, TN tropic tan)

Question: Prom is saturday, i spray tanned today thursday and tomorrow friday i go for a second spray. should i shower saturday morning to be safe or before tomorrow? And i tanned at 430 its 1 am and still no results besides a sun burn received from her putting me in a tanning bed directly after words, which half my face is redder because the bulbs were going out and some already out. what should i do??

Answer: Ouch, it does not sound too good! I am a bit warried about that sunburn, because excessive heat might have stopped the spray tanning solution from developing. Make sure that you put some aloe vera gel on it to stop your skin peeling.
If your tan does develop, please assess if you really need it any darker, because too much of a spray tan does nothing for your overal look. Here are my Prom spray tanning tips.

If your tan does not develop, have a shower (it is good to have a shower before getting another spray tan), another light spray tan and at all cost avoid the solarium bed.

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