I stayed the same color after spray tanning.

by Hayley

Question: So right before school started up again I decided to try spray tanning. I don't remember what the brand of the booth was but I used the darkest color possible and nothing happened. My tan was supose to appear gradually over six ours and nothing ever happened. I used all the tips and I didn't wipe or wash my tan. Do you know what happened?

Answer: There could be couple different reasons for not getting brown, the most common one is that the spray tanning solution that you had been sprayed with could have been stale.

But - don't go back to the salon and be nasty to them, because it could also happen that your skin for some reason did not react with the solution.

I had it happen once to one of my best clients, she used my studio regularly and always got a fantastic tan. One day she came as usual and got spray tanned, and NOTHING happened. She came back the next day, got a free spray from me with the same spray tanning solution as on the day before and her tan developed great as usual.

We never figured out what happened, although we really tried.
Ahhh, skin! It can be so unpredictable sometimes.

I suggest that you call the salon and tell them about it. It is very likely that they will give you another free spray tan, because nobody wants unhappy clients.

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