I have spray tan on my hands and I would like to use bleach, should I use a q-tip to rub it on

by Chase

Question: I have it on my hands pretty bad. Should I use a q-tip to but the bleach on? If so then do I immediately wash my hands or wait a little while?
Thank you.

Answer: It DOES sound bad. Q-tip is a good idea and I suppose that you might have to leave it on for few minutes. When you got the bleach on you will be actually able to see the tan going lighter, hopefully it will not take a long time. Make sure that you do not leave it on for so long that it will start eating away at your skin. If it starts stinging, wash it off.
I hope that you do not have anything important you want to go to immediately, because for couple of hours you will be stinking of bleach and I don't know of anything that will quickly take the smell off.

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