I have spots all over, like freckles, from the spray tan; is that normal?

Question: I will be in a wedding on Saturday. I wasnt going to go get a tan at all for the wedding but last weekend I went fishing and got a farmers tan. The dress is strapless so I was running out of options. I went to a spray tanning booth and went over and over again with the girl about how I cant be orange! Im not orange but spotted! Im kind of freaking out! Is there something I can do? Why did this happen?

Answer: I am not sure if you had your shower already after the spray tan? Because a lot of problems get fixed with the first shower.

If after a shower you still have spots, they can be there for few different resons:

  • You have shaved or waxed before your spray tan and did not give your pores enough time to close up properly before you had your spray tan. The bronzer got lodged in your pores, some of it will come out after the first shower, but not all.
    Of course, if the spots are on your chest and on your back it is unlikely that you had to shave or wax there, because from what I can gather you are a girl.
  • You have dry bits on your skin that are not noticeable UNLESS you spray tan. When I spray tanned the first time I discovered lots of those. The remedy for them is to exfoliate really well BEFORE spray tanning. That should remove a lot of them, but if you want to get rid of them altogether, Baiden Mitten will do it for you. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do AFTER you have been spray tanned.
  • You had your spray tan right after machine had been serviced and it has not been "bled" thoroughly enough resulting in uneven distribution of the solution. I have only ever heard of it happening once, so I would say that it is extremely unlikely.
  • Depending on how big the spots are it could also be a problem with your soap or body wash that you used in your shower before the spray tan. Some of those things are oil based and oil forms a barrier that stops the solution getting through. This would give you a patchy look though, not spotty.

So, the bad news is - unless the shower will rectify this, there is not very much you can do about the problem. Things that give you spotty look can be prevented, but not really fixed afterwards.

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Aug 04, 2017
Spray Tan Nightmare!
by: Heather

Hi there, I recently experienced a spray tan nightmare. I prepped for this tan exactly as I was told, I even had a checklist f or myself to make sure things went well. I should have ran for the hills when the woman applied cream to my hand and didn't do it "neatly" just gobbed it on and stippled it all over, which ended up leaving a blotchy, jagged dirty edging ALL over my hand and wrists. When I arrived home I noticed that I had tiger stripes in areas, I looked REALLY dirty and uneven, darker on lower legs, lighter on thighs, same with my arms. - Keep in mind I haven't been in the sun ALL summer and that is why I went for a spray tan, to lift my spirits and to be less see through! I contact the woman who did my spray tan and she instantly got on the defensive and blamed me. refused to help me and would not return my money. Now I"m stuck with a dirty, uneven, blotchy nightmare of a tan. After reading this I can tell you for sure her machine and lines are drity and that she didn't take proper care doing my tan. The lighting in the room was dreadfull... it's a mobile tanning company and I went to the owners home to save on the travel fee of $25. I shouldn't have let her do it and left right away but she has a 5 star rating on her facebook page.

UGH - such a nightmare

Gosh!, sounds awful. I think that following your intuition is a good thing always...

Feb 03, 2017
Dry patches possible explanation
by: Anonymous

Hmmmm. Dry patches. Have you tested for celiac? Do a simple blood test, you may find your answer.

May 24, 2015
Huge brown spots/"freckles" - after spray tan
by: Anonymous

I am 57 years old, and have freckles (arms, face). In the past 2-3 years that I have been spray tanning, I noticed huge brown splotches on my forearms. I can actually pick them off, and - if I do not spray tan for a long time, they all wash off eventually. However, I like to look tan, so to spray tan 2-3 times a week, I have the constant problem of the blotches. I suspect that the tanning spray is latching on to certain dry patches on my arms. I shower every day, and put lotion on every morning, and again before I tan. I will try the remedy mentioned in the above reviews, and see if that works (to exfoliate a ton, use the tan gel from the salon, and the product mentioned - before the spray on tan). I do not think this happens to young women, so it is to do with getting older, and perhaps having dryer skin. Ughh!!!

Answer: You are absolutely right - it is age related. The big brown freckles are age spots and lots of them are white until you apply spray tanning solution to them. Then they turn brown and look horrible.
However, Baiden Mitten is totally fantastic in removing those dry bits and your tan will look amazing again :-) It will only take a few sessions to get rid of them (they will be getting smaller and smaller) and once you get rid of them, if you upkeep the 1-2 times/month exfoliation then you will not see them again. Yay!

Apr 10, 2015
You Received a Bad Spray Tan. Period.
by: Anonymous

I read the answer provided and I completely disagree. The person who answered this is like most tanning salon operators and owners in that they do not accept responsibility and blame the customer when something goes wrong. I've seen it time and time again. I've had every form of spray tan in existence and have spray tanned for years. I say that to clarify that I do know what I'm talking about.

Based on my YEARS of experience with every form of spray tanning, the "freckled" appearance is the result of a faulty spray tan and is rarely the fault of the customer. This happens when the lines are not cleaned/flushed regularly which results in a sticky buildup. The solution is supposed to be released in a fine, even mist but when the lines have residue buildup, it causes the solution to be released in a heavy, uneven sprinkle instead. THIS is almost ALWAYS the cause of the "freckled" appearance.

To demonstrate the accuracy of what I'm saying, I'll use my personal experiences. Prior to getting a spray I wait at least 24 hours after shaving/waxing. Right before my session, I shower and exfoliate to remove all dead/dry skin and perfumes/soaps. Once I'm in the spray tanning room, I use a gel which is highly recommended to help moisturizer the skin as well as to aid in the absorption of the solution on your skin. This has been the best method I've found to spray tan. For the past two years I've been a member at a tanning salon with 19 locations. I pay a monthly membership fee which allows me to have unlimited spray tans as I do not use UV beds. for the most part, I've always had a positive experience at each of the locations but in the location nearest my home, I continued to get spray tans that caused the "freckled" appearance even though I did not have this issue with any of the other locations. After complaining to the manager of that location multiple times and getting similar responses to the one provided to you, I finally called the corporate office and asked for assistance. After attempting to provide the same "blame the customer" response, I explained my pre-tan regimin which is the recommended regimin at most salons I've visited. The district manager realized that she could not blame me and responded by making a personal visit to the salon to inspect the machine. She found that the lines were not regularly and properly cleaned and contained residue buildup which was causing the "freckled" appearance I was experiencing. She contacted me and explained in detail what she discovered and had no problem admitting that it was the fault of the salon.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done except to wait for the color to wear off. Daily exfoliating does speed the process but ultimately you are stuck with the "freckles" for a little while. If the salon is unwilling to truly address your issue instead of blame you then I suggest going to a new salon.

Comment: Some good insight here and definitely worthy of looking into. However I have found that it can also be the problem with the customer's preparation, so I guess there can be few different reasons for freckly tan. If that happens to more than one customer over a short period of time than I would definitely be looking at the equipment, but if you get one every six months or so than the reason could be somewhere else.

Sep 29, 2014
age/sun spots
by: Anonymous

I had a spray tan last year but never again, I was covered in large brown spots, not on my face but on my legs, arms, mostly the inner which doesn't see much of the sun, the spots are noticeable before the tanning session but are horrible and very noticeable after a spray tan, I used sunbeds for years prior and I have been told that they are age/sun damage spots. does anyone know of any good products that will reduce/get rid of them.

Boshena's comment: Yes, regular use of the Baiden Mitten will get rid of all of them :-)

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