I have skin type three. Will a spraytan cover varicose veins at all?

by Shawn

Question: I have a olive skin tone. I have varicose veins and I am not even 40 years old yet. They are not the bulging kind just the dark blue veins. I would like to know if spray tanning will cover them or lessen the appearence of them? Also how much can I expect to pay to have someone airbrush me?

Answer: Spray tan will camouflage the varicose veins quite well and most people are very happy with the results.

When it comes to cost of spray tan, it varies. It can cost between $20 - $80. Most are somewhat in between. It is best to find a salon and then ring them or check them on the net and they often will have a price list, or they will tell you over the phone.

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