I have a whole lot of questions about the Baiden Mitten. Please read on.

by Heidi J. Pratt
(Leesburg Ohio.)

Is it machine washable? How often does it need to be replaced? What is it made of? Does it matter what kind of body wash that's used? Where is it made? Is there any skin type that you would not recommend it for? How much better is it than a loofa sponge? Can it be safely used on the face? Have you noticed less or thinner body hair from using it regularly?

Boshena's comment: Hi Heidi, no, don't wash it in the washing machine as it will weaken the fibers and make it less effective. I just give it a quick swish in some water with a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in it and then rinse and it is as good as new. I believe that they last about 2+ years, but I think for what they do and how many cosmetics they replace, I give myself a new one every year.
It is made in Turkey from ryon which is a fiber made from a wood pulp I think, but that is not really what makes it so effective. It is actually the way it is weaved that gives it the edge.
You cannot compare it to a loofah. Next to Baiden Mitten loofah is a joke. I use it on my whole body including my face, but at the beginning my skin went through a bit of a rough time with it, because I used to have sensitive skin. It took about 5 sessions before my skin became tough and resilient and now I don't have any skin sensitivities any more.

It does not make body hair any thinner at all. It has no effect on it whatsoever.

I hope that helps :-)

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