I already have a natural tan, should I only get a light spray tan to even up?

by Izzy
(South England )

Question: I've already got a mild tan, just from lying out in the sun this past week, I'm getting my spray tan done tomorrow to get rid of my lines and do the rest of my body, do you advise me to get a light spray tan so I won't won't go completly black ?

Answer: What is most likely going to happen is the lady spraying you will give your white areas a double spray and the rest just one spray tan.

It is likely that she will only give you a light shade because your white body parts can only absorb a limited amount of solution, so if she spray tanned you with dark solution your white areas would not be able to match the rest of your color and you would still have tan lines.

However, all the solutions are different and the technician is the one that knows them best because she has been using them.

Just tell her that you want to be the same color all over and you want to look natural. She should be able to match the solution to your skin type.

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