How to spray tan and how to make money from it.

Many people would like to learn how to spray tan either for their own personal use, or maybe with a view of starting their own business.

I keep getting a lot of enquiries about recommending an e-book or a course that could teach people how to spray tan. A lot of them would also like to make money out of it. It is worth condsidering since spray tanning business is one of the easiest and most affordable businesses you can get into.You don't need colledge, you can start with few hundred dollars and you can make money almost instantly.

And you know what? There seems to be no recession in spray tanning businesses. In fact it is going from strength to strength. How do I know it? Since recession started amount of visitors to my site has tripled!

If you have read my website you will know that my venture in hand held spray gun tanning was very short and not very pleasant and that is why I do not feel very confident about advising anybody how to start a mobile spray tan business.

However, more and more questions about the subject kept coming, so I started searching for a reliable source that I could recommend.

I was amazed that there was nothing available!

I searched and searched, and finally came upon a manual on how to spray tan by a lady called Jacinta Dean.

It was EXACTLY what I was after. The only trouble was - it was no longer available for sale.

However, Jacinta was so perfect. She not only built her own profitable business "from scratch", but also taught at a beauty colledge. The best information and teaching abilities all in one package.

It took me a while but I finally tracked her down and begged her to make her manual available for sale to my readers. It was not easy to convince her to do it, seeing how busy she was not only with her work, but also being a new mum. She finally agreed on the condition that she will upgrade it first- she did not want to give anybody outdated information.

I thought it would take a couple of weeks. After all, her "How to spray tan" manual was great already. But I did not know Jacinta. She did not feel comfortable taking money for anything that was second class. It took her 6 months(!) to rewrite this manual, but it was worth the wait. It not only doubled in size, but also comes now with a marketing manual, which in my opinion is worth as much as "How to spray tan manual" since it tells you where and how get lots of regular, well paying customers.

I wish I had access to it when I still had my studio, I could have worked less and made more profit! GRRRRRR.....

The manual at this stage is extremely affordable. In fact, it is probably the price of about 1 spray tan. The price of it will most probably double in the near future since Jacinta plans to add lots more materials to make it even better value. You will not be missing on anything, as you will be getting free updates as soon as they become available.

This deal is really meant to be a special deal for my clients, since some of you have been waiting on my list for a very, very long time.

As soon as people on my list will have sufficient time to purchase the package the price will be going up. (So, if you stumbled onto this page in the meantime, you are getting a really great deal).

Click on the photo below to go straight to Jacinta's information page on her How to Spray Tan manual +Marketing Manual.

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How to spray tan manual

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