How to take Orange spray tan off.

Question: I'm very white, not albino white but I'm white. I went spray tanning. Now I'm orange, the color is disgusting. I hate it. How can I take it off?

Answer: If you can hang off trying to take it off till tomorrow, it most probably will settle.

Some people when they get their first spray tan get really shocked by the color as they are used to getting red rather than golden when they get a sun tan. It is so different that they think that it is orange when in fact it is not.

When it DOES go orange is when you have a medium or dark tan on a very white skin. The skin just does not cope very well with it. If you did that and are REALLY orange, the easiest way to take it off really quickly is to go for a swim in a chlorinated water (like a public swimming pool). In 15 minutes flat chlorinated water will bleach your tan.

Failing that just get yourself a really good scrub with one of those body exfoliating brushes, it should take some of the color off.

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