How to spray tan larger ladies.

by leanne
(Bedworth, England)

Question: Im just starting in mobile spray tanning. I would like to know how you get to the area's of skin that overlap, such as on larger ladies. Would you get them to stretch their arms up so that their body stretch's to try and get into the crease's?

Answer: This reply on how to spray tan overweight people comes from Jacinta Dean, who is a spray tanning trainer. Firstly as a therapist it is important to notice on the client where the folds of skin are, often they are sides, back muscles, elbows, knees etc, buttocks, larger breasts, stomach.

The best thing to do is ask the client first to wipe over these areas with alcohol wipes e.g. a wet one, before being spray tanned and dry the area.

The fold areas often attract more sweat barrier over the skin so less tan will absorb there.

When spray tanning notice the folded skin and ask the client to stretch forward until the fold disappears as best as possible. They may need to stretch to the side, forward or back. If the client has large breasts you
may need to ask the client to hold the breasts up so you can spray the stomach, get the client to keep holding their breasts after you have sprayed and quickly dry off the area before continuing to spray tan the rest of the body.

Use the air hose or a hair dryer quickly to do this, once the spray is touch dry they can release their breasts.

With arms bend the arm in so the elbow lines are stretched out. With wrists areas near the palm, stretch the hand back. Knees, bend the leg, ankles, bend the foot.

After the therapist spray tans the fold/crease area, get the client to hold that position for about a minute so that you can then dry the area with the air hose or hair dryer so that when they stand back up straight and the crease area fold comes back the spray tan solution has dried in the fold.

It means that the spray tan procedure is a stop and start procedure but at least you are spray tanning all areas and not missing bits as best as you can.

I hope that has helped with the question of spray tanning larger people. The art of spray tanning larger people is the discretion you need to use, such as asking the clients to bend forward slightly etc. You just need to be polite and courteous. If the area isn't dried before the fold comes back it will leave an uneven mark so it is important to dry the area before releasing the crease.

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Aug 04, 2012
spray tanning the larger lady
by: Anonymous

I would like to thank you for the indeth information on spaying the larger lady .. i have been spaying for the last year and a half but have only ever had 1 larger lady to spray this was mostly the breast area .. which i simply and delicately asked her to lift while i sprayed and dried the area ... i found this very uncomfortable
not for me but for her although she was not fazed by this .. i have a very large lady booked in in a few weeks with over lapping at the typical places back sides belly elbows and breast and im worried about my approach to this although i would always be delicate about this i worried of offending can you advise me thanks

Answer: I would not be too worried. Large people already know that they are large and from my experience are grateful if you make as little fuss about it as possible. Just pretend as if you have spray tanned larger ladies at least 1000 times and it is just the most natural thing in the world.

To make it more comfortable for you you could hand your client a pair of disposable latex gloves and spray a little of the solution on the gloves and tell them to rub it into the folds so that they don't get any white lines.

Or you could do it for them of course if it is in a place like knee or elbow and not under their butt (the butt they do themselves).

Just tell them beforehand that you will be doing it to make sure that their tan is even.

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