how to rub in spray tan

by Samantha

Question: If i go to a salon to get a spray tan, is it ok to rub my tan in with my hands in a circular rotation after i get out instead of using a towel?

Answer: I imagine that you are talking about getting a spray tan in a booth?

Yes, you can rub in the spray tan with your hands, however you have to know couple of things.
- You absolutely must wear latex gloves while you do it, otherwise your palms will finish a nasty orange color
- It probably will not affect how deep the color will be.

At my salon I did in certain cases recommend for some people to rub the solution in. That was usually for men that had substantial amount of hair on their body (so that the solution would not just bead on top of the hair but actually reach the skin).

Another customers that would be advised to rub the solution in would be overweight people that had some folds in their skin where solution would have difficulties reaching.

I also asked women with large brests to rub the solution under the breasts to make sure the solution got there, and older ladies around body parts where deep wrinkles form like on the knees, elbows and under buttocks.

So, if you want to rub it in, go ahead, just make sure that those gloves are on.

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