How to perfectly spray tan feet.

by Laura Foulds, @ The Therapy Studio

Spray tanned feet

Spray tanned feet

Ask your client to apply a light moisturiser all over feet, in between toes and ankles, give them the moisturiser and watch them doing it before you tan. Give them some vaseline on a spatula and get them to apply to the soles of thier feet and toenails. Get them to stretch out their foot so that they are almost of tippy toes, but toes NOT bent. Imagine a Ballerina Spray lightly from a longer distance down the foot. Get them to turn foot out and lightly spray along the inside foot and ankle. Do the same on the outside foot. This way you have covered the foot lightly, you won't get any white patches, and even if tan does fall on the feet, you haven't heavily covered them with tan in the first place.

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