How to fix lighter streaks after spray tanning?

by Stephanie

Question: Right after spray tanning my daughter dropped her drink on my legs and when I went to go take off my pants I noticed that I had this really noticeable lighter streaks all over my legs. I have a wedding to attend to tomorrow we re-did the tan but they did not even out! What can I do?

Answer: That is a tough one because in a situation like that it is hard to get it perfect.

I dip a q-tip (cotton bud) in self tanning solution and lightly apply it to lighter streaks.

The important thing is to squeeze the excess solution out of the q-tip so it is only damp not wet, becasue it is really easy to overdo it and you can finish with dark streaks instead of light ones.

Remember that the tan darkens as it develops so do not try to color in the streaks as dark as the rest of the skin. Just a smudge is enough. Then give it couple of hours and if they are still too light - lightly reapply. That should blend the streaks in a little bit better.

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