How to fix an uneven spray tan

Question just wondering if ive been out in the sun and have got strap marks then go for a spray tan will it cover the strap marks or will they still be a lighter tan

Answer They will still be lighter, but they will blend in better.
If you want to cover up the strap tan lines, all you have to do is to get some self tanning lotion (not cream), dip a little painting brush into it and just paint in the white straps.

That is definitely the easiest way to cover up tan lines, and it works really fast too.

I use Safe Tan for repairs like this. Safe Tan is in fact very versatile, because I also use it to speed up my tan.

This is how it works:
I take a handful of my favorite moisturizing cream or solution (enough to moisturize the whole body) pump in some Safe Tan (about 5 squirts), mix the cream or solution very well with a plastic spoon or spatula and then moisturize my whole body.

It deepens the tan and blends in all the little imperfections (like lighter shade of tan on the inside of my thighs etc.)

It works like a charm, although if I had strong tan lines I would first fill in the tan lines with full strength Safe Tan and THEN moisturize my whole body with Safe Tan/moisturizing solution.

After you do this, make sure you scrub the palms of your hands very well with soap, otherwise they will turn brown as well.

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