how soon can you re-spray tan?

by tiff

Question: How soon after you spray a person can you re-spray them? I bought a hlvp unit just to keep my daughters sprayed but one of them is not tan enough.

Answer: You can re-spray them as soon as the first spray tan is dry if you want, that is after about 15-20 minutes.
In my studio my customers could come back for a "double dip" the next day after they had a shower and washed the bronzer off (for a very discounted price of course), and a lot of people that liked a dark tan took advantage of that option.

I would advise you first time to respray your daughter on her day off from any activities just in case she might go a bit orange from too much solution.
It is matter of working within the limits of the skin, and after couple of tries you should know how much spray tanning solution your daughter's skin can take.

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