How often do I need to reapply spray tan if I take alot of showers in 1 day?

by Amy

Question: I work at a farm and I take approx. 3 showers a day. How long will the spray tan last and how often will I need to respray? Will I need one with a bronzer or not? I am fair skinned and burn easily.

Answer: It depends how long and how hot your showers are. If you take cool showers lasting 30 seconds, than the tan should still last reasonable time, but hot, 10-20 minute showers 3 times a day, will considerably decrease your spray tan's life span.

Make sure you arm yourself with a good tan extender and apply it at least once daily, preferably at night when you finished with all the showering.

That will give your tan a boost every day and make it last longer.

When it comes to the bronzer, it doesn't matter if it is in the solution or not, the tan will last the same time.
The bronzer is there only for the instant WOW factor and all of it washes off with the first shower.

By the way, You better get your tan on your day off and wait at least 5 hour before you have your first shower (better about 12 hours) to give the tan a chance to develop properly before you soak it :-)

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