How much does it cost? And how often must you replace it?

by Morgan
(Upstate New York)

Question: Is the Baiden mitten a disposable mitten that you have to throw out after each use? Or can you reuse it multiple times with the same results? How often should it be replaced? What stores are they sold at? Where can you get them for a good price? And how much on average should they usually cost?

Answer: No, Baiden Mitten is not disposable, it will last you about 2 years (at this time it becomes a bit rough looking so I suggest you replace it). The results will be the same all through this time, in fact they usually get better because your skin gets used to the treatment and works better with it.

They are not sold in the stores, but only online at The company does not discount this product as it is of highest quality and lasts for such a long time, so the price is always the same $49.95

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