How many spray tans are done each year?

by Matt
(San Francisco)

Question: I'm writing a paper on spray tanning and its potential benefits/risks. I was hoping to open the paper with a fact like, "Every year, there are 10 million spray tans applied. That's 3 every second." Or something like that. I've been scouring the net looking for some facts on this and have had zero luck so far. Have you seen any reliable articles about this? Can you shed any light?

Answer: As far as I know there are no statistics on this subject, only estimates, because of few factors:

a)It is one of the fastest growing area in beauty treatments, so what was true yesterday, may not be true tomorrow.
b)Apart from salon treatments there are many mobile tanners, of totally unknown number.
c) Because the spray tanning treatment is only cosmetic there is no licence needed and so this area is totally unregulated.
d) The business is seasonal in nature, most of the spray tans taking place in warmer months.

I think that you will have a lot of trouble finding anything more substantial. I know because I tried to research my local area before I opened my salon to see what the need was and I could not find any data.

Good luck with your paper.

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