How many days before going out should you get a spray tan?

Question: how many days before going out should you have a spray tan?

Answer: The optimal time is 1 1/2 - 2days. So, if you are going out on Saturday evening, Thursday evening or better still Friday morning (that is if you don't have to go out in public while your tan is developing).

That is for 2 reasons:

One, a lot of new spray tanning solutions contain erythrulose as well as the primary tanning agent DHA. Erythrulose develops slower (up to 48 hours), so your tan can be at it's peek 2 days after application, and it also makes the tan last longer.

The reason it is being added to the spray tanning solutions is because it gives more reddish tones to the tan, so there is less danger of going orange. Even though it develops slower, you can still have a shower after 5-6 hours and it will not affect the developing time.

Second, it is good to leave yourself a day before you go out just in case something does not go quite right and you might have to do some extra scrubbing. Some tans also might be a bit orange on the first day, but settle down into their proper color on the second day.

So, if I have a really important occasion I give myself about 1 1/2 days from the time I spray tan to the event. Saying that, quite a few days I could not fit the spray tan at any other time but the evening before and mostly it turned out great.

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