how long to see results after a spray tan

Question: If its your first time how long before you see results. I used a mystic booth today and its been almost 5 hours and I can't see a difference.

Answer:You probably already have a nice tan on, but because Mystic Tan is so even and you have been checking yourself every 15 seconds you did not register the very gradual change. Put a pair of white knickers on or a white t-shirt and you will see that you are in fact much darker.
I used to get it with first timers a lot, until I got smarter and started sticking star or heart shaped stickers on their butts so after they peeled it off they would realize that in fact they do have a good tan on, but because it was so even it looked like their own skin.
On another hand, although very rare sometimes people's skin just does not tan on the day. It must be some sort of chemical reaction of the skin due to God know what. I have seen it only once when my very regular client came in and a day after tanning she was still as white as a lily although every other time she always got a great tan.
If that would happen to you just go back to the salon and show your lily white skin and chances are they will give you another spray for free just to keep you happy and coming back.
Just be nice to them, it is likely that the fault lies within you skin and not their spray tanning solution but most salons just want to make their clients happy so it is very likely that they will let you have another go.

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