How long till you notice your tan after spray tan?

by sophie

Question: im going to have my first spray tan on wednesday and im pretty fair so how many hours will you notice you tan ? and is it really good change or can you just see your tan a little bit?

Answer: If the spray tanning solution has bronzer in it, you will come out brown straight away. Then you will be gradually getting darker and darker for about 4-6 hours. That is because your skin will be developing tan, and the bronzer just sits on the top.
I would advise you to stay at home and not plan going out at this stage, because the combined effect of the bronzer and the developing tan can become quite scary and could have orange overtones.
Once you shower however, you will wash the bronzer off and you will be only left with the tan that your skin developed, and that should look pretty natural.
For your first spray tan I would suggest the very lightest tan to see how your skin reacts to it. Some skins only get a glow, but some others become quite dark even with the lightest of tans. It is better to finish off with just a glow, rather than become much too dark.

If you get a spray tan in an automatic booth, you might have a choice of a solution without any bronzer in it.
That is the one I would choose, because although it takes about 6 hours for your tan to fully develop, you don't have the problem of stained clothes,towels or sheets, and you can safely go out even straight away and not scare anyone by turning orange.

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