how long should you wait after a spray tan before you get a pedicure?

Question: when getting a spray tan, how long should you wait before you get a pedicure? Most sights say wait atleast 5 hours before showering, so would it be the same for a pedicure?

Answer: The ideal time to get a pedicure is BEFORE the spray tan, as that way you prevent your toenails turning yellowish if any spray tanning solution gets on them.
However, I don't see any problems with getting a pedicure after a spray tan (probably the next day), however you must me aware that the nail polish remover solution takes some tan off as well. In which case I would have a cue tip and a bottle of self tanner handy, and if any damage would be done I would just dip the cue tip in the spray tanning solution and LIGHTLY apply some solution.
Make sure you do it lightly, especially the first time, so you don't overdo it and finish with brown toes. It's better to reapply the next day if you did not apply enough rather than have to scrub the excess.

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