How long do you have to wait before shaving after spray tan?

Question: The website that will give me the tan had no tips on how to tan and I've never tanned before so I don't know the ins and outs. I found your site and read the 'Prom Spray Tan' as I am having a spray tan for my prom on Saturday. It said to shave and exfoliate a day before but I haven't and the tan is this afternoon! If I go to tan with stubbled legs, how long do I have to wait to shave after the tan? I can't shave now because I don't want the dye to be in my pores! Please help!

Answer: AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! I get so frustrated when the salons don't educate their clients! It is so important for the first timers to feel comfortable with the experience, otherwise they might never come back for another spray tan!

Yes, it definitely is better to shave your legs a day before, but if you miss it, then you can compensate for it.
When you need to shave your legs AFTER spray tanning (never on the same day as spray tan or you will take the spray tan right off) make sure that you shave very lightly, without putting much pressure on the razor.

Even then, you are still likely to take some of the spray tan off, so make sure that you have spray tan extending cream or lotion and after you dry your legs off after shaving, just moisturize them with the tan extender. That will repair any damage that you might have done with the razor.

It is a good idea to moisturize your body with tan extending lotion or cream and you will keep your tan much longer.

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