How long after the spray tan can I go into a tanning booth?

by Karen
(Wakefield, MA)

Question: I'm going on vacation and want to be very tanned. So I signed up for tanning and also made an appointment for a spray tan. How long after the spray tan can I go into a tanning booth?

Answer You can go into a tanning booth immediately. In fact, there are salons that are offering "Spray and Bake" packages, where they claim that the session in the tanning booth "sets" the tan.

It actually does nothing of the sort, what it does do is it starts the skin to produce malanin. The effect is that you are beginning to produce "a real tan" underneeth your spray tan.
If you repeat your visits to tanning booth few more times as your spray tan fades your natural tan will be developing and it will give the effect of spray tan lasting a really long time.

One word of caution. Spray tan in no way protects you from getting burned. Therefore, even though you will have a dark skin after spray tanning your skin will be as susceptable to getting burned as if it was totally pale.

Make sure you start your booth tanning very slowly and increase the time in the booth only gradually over next few visits to protect your skin from burning.

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