How is not having sensitive skin anymore a result of the Baiden Mitten?

by Rima
(Toronto, CA)

Question: You said that your skin is not sensitive anymore and that you don't burn red in the sun anymore, but turn brown instead... Do you apply moisturizer after exfoliating? And if so which lotion do you use? If not... how has your skin become less dry?
Thank you.

Answer: I think that how my skin behaves these days is the result of it being much healthier than it was before. Healthy skin is very resilient and able to take care anything that the environment throws at it.

The vigorous scrubbing not only opens the pores enabling the skin to get rid of many toxins through sweating more easily, but also stimulates increased blood ciculation which delivers more oxygen to the skin cells. Oxygen is the energy fuel that the cells use to carry all its processes, including taking care of any problems.

I do not apply nearly as much moisturizer to my body as I used to since my skin is at all times soft and plump, because most of the dead skin cells that make the skin dry are removed by Baiden Mitten exposing fresh, new cells which have not had a chance to become hard and brittle.

I use some body butter on my hands and feet, since they are exposed to elements more than the rest of my body and every now I put rose infused oil all over my body if I want some luxury.

On my face I use mainly - a tiny bit of pure vaseline to keep the moisture in and that is it.(I rub a little bit between the palms of my hands to warm it up and then press my palms to my face gently).

I have given away or thrown out most of my cosmetics and am happy just to let my skin take care of itself. It does so brilliantly.

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