How does sweat and sunblock affect a spray tan?

Question: I am one of the unfortunate that must use sumblock with a 70 to 100 rating because of an allergy to the sun. I also take long treks on a Harley often during the summer, and while I cover as much as possible, I do use loads of sunblock, and I sometimes sweat a lot. How will this affect a spray tan?

Answer: Sweat is acidic, so it exfoliates tan pretty rapidly, and spray tan will often get patchy in places where there is a lot of sweat. Sunblock with a very high rating also tends to shorten the life of spray tans.

I am not sure if this will help with sun allergy, but Baiden Mitten has made my skin a lot less sensitive to the sun. I used to burn within minutes of going into the sun, my husband used to joke that I am like a vampire - have to come out only after dark, but since I started using this glove I can now spend considerable time in the sun without getting burned.

Not only that, but I do not peel and always turn brown next day, which has never happened before. I actually do not use sun protection at all now (which does not mean that I spend a lot of time in the sun), because all those chemicals are actually pretty bad for your skin.

There are natural sun blocks available that contain green tea which is a natural sun block and works very well.

The bottom line is - I am not sure if spray tanning is for you unless you get very good at repairning your tan with self tanners and tan extenders.

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