How does acne react to spray tan?

by nikki perron
(st charles,mo)

Question: if i have acne, will the spray tan effect it or will it cover it up?

Answer: Many spray tanning solutions contain aloe vera and that seems to have beneficial effect on acne. It also seems to cover it up really well.

DHA also seems to be pretty harmless and does not aggreviate acne, however, there are often up to 40 different ingredients in the spray tanning solutions and so it could be that you might be sensitive to one of them.

So, about 90% of people have an excellent result when it comes to spray tanning with acne, 10% not so good.
The best way is to try it when you don't have anything special on and if it does work with your skin then when you spray tan make sure that your spray tanning technician uses THE SAME spray tanning solution every time.

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