How do I use it on my face?

by Sandra
(Boca Raton, FL)

How do I use the Baiden mitten on my face?

Answer: If you shower just let water flow over your face for couple of minutes, but if you use it in the bath, then either splash water over your face every few minutes as you soak, or alternatively just wet a washcloth with warm water and drape over your face in a way that you can breathe :-)

Then, scrub lightly first - side to side and then up and down with a damp mitten.

You will not see a lot of dead skin coming off your face, just very small crumbs, most of which get trapped in the mitten until it is rinsed out.

You will probably be able to feel some under your fingertips if you run your hand over the place just exfoliated.

In my experience, it takes about 2-3 sessions before your skin gets used to this method of exfoliation and starts really glowing.

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