how age spots react to spray tan

Question: Will the age spots on my legs get darker with the spray tan?

Answer: Yes, they will. I had a really big problem with this and no amount of exfoliating by ordinary methods worked 100% until I found a heavy duty exfoliating tool.

It has worked so well that I actually forgot that I used to have this problem until you reminded me of it.
Now, I do not have a single one. Mind you, they did not just dissappear overnight, it took few weeks for all of them to fade. But now - they are all gone so it was worth working on it.

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Dec 19, 2011
Age spots on arms and legs
by: Anonymous

Did you have age spots on your arms and legs? That is my problem and I'm hoping that the baiden mitten will reduce those one so I can use spray tan all over. Will the Baiden Mitten remove age spots on legs and arms?

It worked for me. I had age spots which were clear colored and only showed up when I spray tanned, then they would become much darker and stay dark long after the spray tan wore off. I looked like I had chicken pox.

Even if your age spots are darker than your skin, Baiden Mitten will definitely improve their appearance.

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