by cassie

ugh (?)

ugh (?)

ugh okay there iz thiz boi and he wont get with me uless i am darker so thats why i came to u and i hate beeing this white lol


I think that you are very pretty and if that boy won't get with you because of your skin color than he is a jerk, who is not worth your time.
Tell him that you thought about it, but gee wizz, you would like to go with him if he was 10 inches taller.
There are probably at least 1 million girls around the world that would give their right arm to look like you, and probably at least 1 million boys that would be proud to have you as their girlfriend just the way you are.
Don't waste your time on a looser.

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Jul 07, 2010
what are you thinking
by: ron

Girl your gorgeous..tell that loser guy to get lost...if you stay with him... YOUR the loser

Jan 13, 2010
you look great the way you are
by: Anonymous

that boy that said he does not like your colour of your skin is so mean I think you are absolutley gorgeous and let me tell you dont change for anyone you are perfect the way you are also if yo pay for a tan and it cost about 45 dollars you will have to keep paying that every 4-6 days as that is how long it fades my name is max and I would look after you like a princess if you were my girlfriend if you want to see a profile on me go to oasis , titan09

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