Home spray tanning system saves you money.

I must make something very clear. To date I have not used a home spray tanning system myself. I find it so easy and convenient to use Safe Tan which I use in conjunction with Baiden Mitten ,that I have not bothered to look for anything else.

However since I have had a lot of requests from my readers asking for my recommendation of a home spray tanning system, I decided to investigate the matter further.

It is not difficult to find somebody trying to sell you something, but how do you know which things are any good? Well, I have spent a week searching out different reviews from people that have used the systems. You have to be really smart there too, because I found that couple of companies that produce the systems actually get very sneaky and write their own reviews pretending to be customers. (BTW that is not how I operate, I do not write reviews of anything that I have not used myself because that is plain lying).

The best thing with reviews is – if a thing is good, you will usually find only very few reviews, and most of them positive, but if the thing is bad, then you will find A TON of negative reviews. No different when it comes to home spray tanning system.

One home spray tanning system which is heavily advertised on TV with infomercials had sooooooo many bad reviews that was not even funny. I will not name it, because I once did a bad review of another company and their lawyers sent me a threatening letter and I had to take it down. But if you have seen any infomercials for airbrush makeup that also does spray tanning, check it out online before buying, you will be glad you did.

Another thing that you have to watch for when checking out a product is: how good is their customer service. If it is bad, stay away from it, because you are very likely to lose money. Companies that care about their customers ALWAYS have a great customer service. How to check it? Just drop them an e-mail or two with any question relating to the product and see how quickly they answer you. Or call them and see how knowledgeable their sales staff is. If you just get a call center, forget it, the company is just there for the fast profits and all they want is your money.

So, her now are my two results on finding a home spray tanning system that I would think about trying out. As I said, I have not tried any of them, but I am really tempted to order the second one.

Home tanning system number 1.

This one is the cheaper of the two I found, that is why it is going first. I have not found many reviews on this one, however what I found was all good. Not over the top, just good. Check it out for yourself:

Home spray tanning system

Nuress Home Tanning Salon

Home tanning system number 2.

This system I came across when one of my readers sent me a question asking my opinion on it. I have never heard about it before, so I did my research. The system is specifically made for airbrush make up and spray tanning system is additional. I have not been able to find ANY reviews about the tanning side of it, only on the airbrush make up. However, I am very tempted to give it a go myself, simply because it can do two things (3 if you also count body make up - I can finally have a tattoo, yay!), and I love the idea.

Some on-line reviewers say that it takes a bit long to do make up with airbrush gun, but I think it is a matter of practice as I actually WAS a make-up artist in my previous life (before kids) and have seen those things in action. I have also seen once a video of a guy that spray tanned with a tiny little airbrush 50 people in an hour. It was not only very quick, but also very even, with almost NO over-spray. So, in my opinion it does not have to take a long time at all.

I have found no bad reviews, people not only like the machine, but also the make up products. If I end up buying the system (I would say I am about 90% there already), I will be posting a review of course.

This system is a bit pricey if you want make up AS WELL as tanning (they have cheaper versions just for tanning), however it does few different things and apparently it is of excellent quality so it lasts well for a very long time. You can also do airbrush course with them which I would do in a heartbeat myself if it was available in Australia.

If you decide to buy Dinair system, make sure that you check out their returns policy - it is a bit sneaky, so don't get caught out. However, to their credit - you can actually get a free make up lesson over the phone to make sure that you use the system properly.

Click the picture below, and when you get to Dinair website look for the "Airtan" in very small letters on second line from the top. That is where you will find it.

Home spray tanning system

Below is a video of the system.

What are alternatives to home spray tanning system?

Any questions about home spray tanning system?

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