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Question: Ive read many reviews about spray tans and what to do with them, however it hasn't really helped me answer what I need to know :/. I have about a week till prom and i am looking to try spray tanning at home from a normal retail shop such as; Boots or Superdrug. I have acne marks on my back and really want to find a light tanning spray that I can use to cover the marks just for Prom. My dress is Aqua blue and i am quite fair skinned so i don't want to end up looking like an Orange.. Can you please help me find a tanning product that will not go wrong?

Answer: Very simple. Get a product that builds up the tan slowly over few days. Moisturize your body every evening with it until you reach the color that you are happy with, and then stop. That way you can control exactly the depth of color and cannot really overdo it.

Don't forget to scrub really well before you start applying the first layer.

Have a great prom.

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