home self tanning

by beauty queen

here are a few tips for the perfect tan-

- before you get a spray tan or do a home spray job! have a bath and add bio oil and a good moisturizing body wash to you bath and use an exfoliating glove and your tan with last 2 weeks!! i dont no why but it makes a massive difference, yet if u put bio oil on after your bath your tan will go terrible
- after you do a home self tan get a baby wipe and wipe your elbows and knees the tan comes straight off and leaves you elbows and knees stan free and moisterized without that yucky build up
-if you want to go brown and not orange use a moisturizing tan or gradual tanner then wait 12hours and use a thin layer or spray tan your tan will be brown and it will last longer then spraying tan straight onto your skin.
- never use spray tan on your face!!! the chemicals dry out your skin and can cause pimples in some acne prone skin types use a face bronzer or le tan face tan if you have to as it had different chemicals to sprays its less harsh but still not ideal to put on your face.
-your tan looks nicer if you are brave enough to get a full body wax, i no it sounds painfull but u will be a hairless tanned goddess!!
-my favourite body moisturizer is david jones vitiman E cream it is sensational and helps your tan to last double the time it usually would!!

Boshena's comment: That sounds really interesting. I find that Baiden Mitten works really well as exfoliation tool. I will certaily try out some of your tips, thanks.

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